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Company Overview

Who We Are?

Pioneering Innovative & Sustainable Packaging Since 2009

BPS was founded in 2009 with a vision for developing Best Package Solutions suited to every unique demand. We have a passionate dedication to packaging innovation and sustainability, backed up with a powerful commitment to quality and safety.
At BPS, we are proud to offer a wide range of packaging solutions featuring: biodegradable & compostable pouch, paper pouch, coffee packaging, child resistant packaging, food packaging bags, packaging pouches, etc.
Our secret sauce lies in the unique corporate background. We set up our manufacturing plants in both China and Vietnam, allowing us to enjoy both technical advantages and cost advantages. Our team is equipped with international background and diverse experience in the packaging industry.
Whether you are a notice or a pro, BPS team will walk you through the process to work out your Best Package Solutions!



Why Choose BPS?

Join hundreds of businesses across the world
by choosing BPS to supply Best Package Solutions
Innovative Style + Sustainable Material + Attractive Printing + Safe Quality


  • 10+

    Years Dedication

  • 800,000,000

    Bags Supplied Annually

  • 10000+

    Custom Projects

  • 200+

    Stock SKUs


What We Offer?

Flexible Packaging: Major Pouch Styles


Flat Bottom Pouch  |  Stand Up Pouch  |  Side Gusset Pouch  |  Flat Pouch  |  Film Roll

Sustainable Packaging: Future-friendly Solutions

Time to make your contribution for a sustainable future.


Solution 1.  Plastic Free Packaging: Biodegradable & Compostable Pouch

Solution 2.  Recyclable Packaging: Fully Recyclable Pouch

Solution 3.  Plastic Saving Packaging: Kraft Paper Laminated Pouch

For ALL applications and artworks, we have a 100% SUSTAINABLE packaging solution for you!


Innovative Packaging: World-leading Technology


*Patented Child Resistant Pouch  |  Child Resistant Container (Bottles, Tubes)

Anti-Powder Zipper Pouch  |  Concealed Seal Pouch  |  Digital Printed Pouch  |  Matte Finish Pouch



Specialized Industries: Popular Markets that choose BPS

► Coffee Packaging

► Food Packaging (organic foods, tea, snacks, nuts, dried foods, candies, jerky, etc.)

► Pet Food Packaging

► Beverage / Liquid Packaging

► Produce Packaging (fruits, vegetables)

► Cannabis Packaging (CBD, marijuana flowers, etc.)

► Cosmetic Packaging (masks)

► Garment Packaging (underwear)

► Various other food and non-food application


Any Added-Value Services?

Your brand is unique, and your packaging can be too.
We take care of the entire process from design to delivery.

We have in-house designer who can provide artwork design assistance when needed.

Warehousing Support

We provide a one stop consolidating service including warehousing, packing and logistics to help our customers save warehousing costs, freight costs, custom charges and customs declaration hassle.

Additional Services


Valve Application  |  Tin Tie Application  |  Labelling  |  Gold Stamping